Whilst the patients experience is mainly positive, it does raise some concerns around transport arrangements for vulnerable patients who are non-ambulant.

The experience outlined shows the extent of the impact of this issue:

  • Delay in discharge.
  • Unnecessary re-admission to a ward.
  • Several cancellations of appointments due to transport issues.
  • Additional care costs for the family.
  • Additional transport time to collect a wheelchair to enable discharge.

Following discussions with Royal Derby Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and NSL it was felt that this might be down to a contractual issue with NSL. However, SDCCG do not feel that this is the case, and have clearly outlined the responsibilities of NSL in their replies.

Please note the second letter from SDCCG, was in response to Healthwatch seeking clarification about whether the new  contract with East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) might resolve the issue.  SDCCG have addressed this with Royal Derby Hospital and we hope that this will improve experiences for future non-ambulant patients.

NSL Patient Story

Formal letter to Southern Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group

ENQ71-15 Healthwatch Clarification Response Letter 190116

ENQ71-15 Healthwatch Response Letter 120116


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