Healthwatch Derbyshire is conducting a piece of work around the experiences of people who have used health or social care services at a time of mental health crisis, this is following a number of comments we have received from members of the public relating to this topic.  A mental health crisis is when a person’s mental health worsens to the point that they need urgent help from professional services.

To capture the views of Derbyshire residents on this matter we will be holding focus groups made up of people who, in the last 12 months, have accessed health or social care services at a time of mental health crisis. We’ll be asking them about their experiences of health and social care services before, during and after they reached crisis point, as well as finding out any ideas they may have for how services could be improved.

The topics discussed in the focus groups will reflect the themes covered in the Mental Health Crisis Care Concordat, a national agreement between services and agencies involved in the care and support of people in crisis. This includes four key areas:

  • Access to support before crisis point
  • Urgent and emergency access to crisis care
  • Quality of treatment and care when in crisis
  • Recovery and staying well

We will then collate people’s experiences and see how these match up against the principles stated in the Mental Health Crisis Care Concordat for how services should be delivered.

A report of our findings will be shared with a multi-agency group of organisations in Derbyshire which have signed up to the Mental Health Crisis Care Concordat.  This includes the Mental Health Trust, Ambulance Service and Police amongst others.

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