In 2015, 76% of the adult population in the UK bought goods or services online and 53% used internet banking. However, in the same year just 10% of people ordered repeat prescriptions online, only 7% booked an appointment with their GP or the nurse online and 0.6% used online services to access their medical records.

The GP Patient Survey of 2014 shows that 34% of patients said they would prefer to book their appointments online. This being the case, why do only 7% of these actually do so?
Both the 2014/15 and 2015/16 GP contract required GPs to show a commitment to expanding and improving the online services for their patients.

Given this information, i.e. the requirement of GPs to offer online services, and the survey results around low levels of use in 2015, Healthwatch Derbyshire decided to examine the situation in Derbyshire. We looked in detail at public awareness of, and access to, online services that are currently being offered.


GP Online Services Report

List of GP Practices that have responded. to the report.

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