Between January-March 2017, Healthwatch Derbyshire will be finding out more about how new Accessible Information Standards have been implemented in Derbyshire.

These standards came into effect in July 2016 and, as a result, organisations must take various steps to help identify and support people with additional communication needs. Healthwatch will be working in three ways to gather information about the experiences of people with sensory impairments when using health and social care services.

We will spend time talking to people with sensory impairments about their recent experiences of using health and social care services. This will help to identify topical issues when using services, and will also give a feeling for what difference the new standards are having on the experience that patients have.

We will also work with and encourage people to fill in a survey that is being conducted by NHS England at the same time to look at how the standard has been implemented to give a really comprehensive picture from Derbyshire.

A mystery shop will also be carried out by Healthwatch Derbyshire to see how some services have responded to the changes that they have needed to make to comply with the standard and to ensure that patients with additional communication needs are not disadvantaged.

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