This report collates the findings from visits undertaken to the 4 main Derbyshire Recovery Partnership (DRP) Treatment Centres across Derbyshire.

During November 2017, each Treatment Centre was visited twice by Healthwatch with one visit being announced and the other semi-announced. Individual Treatment Centre reports from the 4 sites (Chesterfield, Ilkeston, Ripley and Swadlincote).

The visits were conducted to follow up previous recommendations that had emerged from a broader project undertaken by Healthwatch Derbyshire in July 2016 and the subsequent report published at the time, “Substance Misuse: Experiences of individuals living with substance misuse accessing health and social care services in Derbyshire”. This report may be accessed on the Healthwatch Derbyshire website as follows:

Since the report was published the services that existed at the time were the subject of reorganisation leading to the launch of the new Derbyshire Recovery Partnership on April 1st 2017. It was therefore considered timely for Healthwatch Derbyshire to initiate an Enter and View activity as a follow up to the concerns raised in the report about the treatment centers and to enable the new service reconfiguration to be examined in this context.

Enter and View Summary Report

Swadlincote Treatment Centre

Ripley Treatment Centre

Ilkeston Treatment Centre

Chesterfield Treatment Centre

Overall Treatment Service Progress Updates (one year on)

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