Healthwatch Derbyshire has a wide remit and this includes being a single point of contact for the public who need advice, information and signposting to services that are available.

People get in touch with us about a wide range of issues that they are facing in their lives from needing to know which dentists are taking on NHS patients to how to make a formal complaint about a service.

We also have a wide range of easy to access information available on our website on some of the most common requests for information and advice that we receive.

Our free, friendly and confidential service is independent from the NHS and social care services. We provide contact details for a range of services that best supports the individual’s request.

Where the safety or wellbeing of a member of the public is called into question we take all possible action to ensure their needs are being addressed.

This was the case for a lady who contacted us regarding some issues she was experiencing with her supported living provider, problems with her social worker and that she was suffering from poor mental health but not receiving any support.  It was apparent that she was not being listened to and had no one to turn to for help.

As well as signposting her to Psychological Therapy Services to help with her mental health issues, we were also able to refer her to an advocacy organisation to ensure her voice was heard and set the wheels in motion to ensure that she was safe and properly looked after.

We checked up with the lady over the following months to ensure that she was getting the right support and she now feels that she is in a much better place.  She told us that Healthwatch Derbyshire were the only people who had listened to her and found her the support she needed.

Whilst not every case calls into question someone’s safety and wellbeing, we are here to help with all manner of enquiries related to health and social care services.

If you need help, support or advice, please contact Healthwatch Derbyshire by telephone: 01773 880786; email: or visit the ‘Support and Advice’ section on our website for information on a wide range of issues.

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