Healthwatch England wants to understand more about different people’s experiences of mental health care at different stages in their lives.

By finding out what is working and what is not, with the help of local Healthwtach’s they want to help inform mental health policy and practice to make the improvements in support that people would like to see.

Their first focus is maternal mental health and the mental health support available to new parents. It is not just the arrival of a newborn that is challenging, we want to know about the support across all areas such as planning a baby, pregnancy, the birth and any aftercare up to age three.

Existing research has shown how important it is for mental health later in life that children are provided with a stable environment in which to grow up. We want to know if people are getting the support that they need.

How you can help …

Complete the survey:
We want to hear from people who are planning on having a baby, currently pregnant, or have had a baby in the last three years. This survey is not limited to mums, we are interested to know how partners have been affected too.

Share your views

Raise awareness:
If you are a local health service, charity or support group that works with those who are planning or have recently become parents, you can also help spread the work by letting people know about this work and encouraging them to get involved. This article explains more.

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