A survey of adult carers in Derbyshire has indicated a decline in people’s satisfaction with services provided to support carers.  This news comes despite a significant investment of nearly £2 million into carers services by the Local Authority.

From January-March 2019 Healthwatch Derbyshire is set to engage with a wide range of carers to help Derbyshire County Council identify how they can best respond to the challenges people face and decide on which steps to take to try and improve services.

Carers experiences will feed into the Derbyshire Carers Strategy, due to be published in 2019, and also be used to highlight which services are working well and therefore need to be protected in these financially restrictive times.

Key themes to be explored by Healthwatch Derbyshire during this piece of work

  • Carer reported quality of life
  • Carer reported social contact
  • Carers who find it easy to source information about support
  • Carers have also said they do not feel they have had enough encouragement and emotional support
  • Feeling involved or sufficiently consulted in discussions, about the support or services provided to the cared for person
  • Difficulty in finding information and advice about support, services or benefits
  • Planning for breaks and the provision of breaks continues to be an overriding theme for carers
  • Feedback would also suggest there needs to be greater clarity in what constitutes carer’s rights – and what they can realistically expect from assessment and services

    Understanding the Quality of Support for Carers in Derbyshire

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