A recent survey of adult carers (SACE) in Derbyshire has indicated a decline in the satisfaction levels of support that carers receive. 

Around 600 people, all in receipt of some form of carer service, contributed to the survey and helped to highlight areas in which the situation for carers could be improved and why people felt less supported now that they have in the past.

This news comes despite nearly £2 million investment from both Derbyshire County Council and the Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group into carers’ services.

With around 12% of the population in Derbyshire performing some form of caring role support, this is therefore an incredibly important issue which impacts on the lives of both the carers and the people they look after.

To ensure future services are better configured to meet the needs of carers, Healthwatch Derbyshire has been engaging with a wide range of carers to help the Local Authority identify how they can best respond to the challenges people face and decide on which steps to take to try and improve services. 

Some of the key issues we have been speaking to carers to find out more about are:

  • Quality of life
  • Social Contact
  • Information and Support
  • Breaks/Respite

Their views and experiences will feed into the Derbyshire Carers Strategy, due to be published in 2019, and also be used to highlight which services are working well and therefore need to be protected in these financially restrictive times.

If you are an adult carer and feel like you have an experience you would be willing to share please get in touch.

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