To ensure a diverse range of individuals are able to share their views on local health and social care services, Healthwatch Derbyshire undertake targeted pieces of work, paying specific attention to those who may otherwise struggle to be heard.

During the summer of 2018, the engagement team focused their engagement on people who lived in rural communities, to look at the impact their location had on their experience of health and social care services. The focused engagement, alongside comments we had already collected from January 2018, meant we had access to a large amount of information that covered the whole county of Derbyshire.

When we came to analyse this information, it became clear that there were some key themes that would be useful to Joined up Care Derbyshire (JUCD), and in particular the eight ‘Place Alliances’ that operate as part of JUCD. The report has been structured to present information that will offer support to make decisions about local services to meet the local need.

Experiences of using health and social care services in Derbyshire

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