During the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a significant rise in the use of digital services in place of face to face services, such as telephone appointments, video consultations, text messaging and others.

The ‘Experiences of Virtual Appointments During Covid-19’ report sets out our findings in response to Derbyshire County and City residents sharing their experiences of virtual health appointments since the start of the pandemic.

This project was conducted to highlight where virtual appointments may not have met the needs of patients and help to provide understanding for the reasons why people had not engaged with services in a virtual format. It also identifies key areas in which virtual appointments did meet people’s healthcare needs.

The report has been shared with Joined Up Care Derbyshire, the multi-agency group consisting of representatives from health, social care and the voluntary sector. It is one of a number of pieces of work undertaken as part of a system-wide response collating feedback around remote access.

Joined Up Care Derbyshire will produce a summary report, incorporating insight from both local and national data sources, that will be used to help inform the decision-making process on how best to operate services in the future. The report will be shared amongst provider and commissioner organisations and made public at the earliest opportunity.

Healthwatch Derbyshire would like to thank all participants who gave their time to talk to us about their experiences of virtual health appointments. We also extend our thanks to the many groups and services who supported and cooperated with this engagement activity.

Experiences of Virtual Appointments during Covid-19 – Healthwatch Derbyshire – October 2020

Healthwatch Derbyshire Virtual Appointment Report Appendix Document

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