How well are medical professionals speaking with you about your emotional health? 

They say ‘there’s no health without mental health’ – Our emotional wellbeing is an important part of our overall health that can affect every aspect of life, including how well we can take care of ourselves and look after any long-term health conditions. Doctors, nurses and other healthcare staff need to know how we are feeling so they can offer us the right support, as they might not know how to respond when we talk about our struggles, worries or stresses.

Healthwatch Derbyshire would like to hear your views on how well your emotional wellbeing has been addressed, during recent conversations you have had with health care professionals to discuss your health.

By completing our short survey and sharing your views, you can help to develop, plan and deliver training to healthcare professionals on how to talk with their patients about the emotional side of their health, and how important this is.

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Survey closes 28 February 2022


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