Healthwatch Derbyshire has the power to Enter and View providers, to observe matters relating to health and social care services.

If you are a Service Provider and would like to know more, please download our leaflet:

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What is Enter and View?

Enter and View is seeing and hearing for ourselves how services are being run and allows Healthwatch Derbyshire to collect the views of service users at the point of service delivery. This might involve talking to staff, service users and visitors or observing service delivery.

Enter and View visits are conducted by Authorised Representatives for Healthwatch Derbyshire who are trained volunteers (for more information about becoming an Authorised Representative please click here). It is recognised that service users feel comfortable with lay people and trust them because of their independence. They therefore share their views and concerns more readily, especially when they appreciate that the volunteer is interested in what they have to say. Service users are more open when they’re less apprehensive that complaints could adversely impact their care. This is especially important for residents of care homes whose only contacts may be fellow residents and staff if, as is not uncommon, they have no visiting family.

Visits can either be announced or unannounced, although unannounced visits will only be conducted in exceptional circumstances, i.e. where it is the only option.

All Enter and View visits have a clear purpose identified by Healthwatch Derbyshire, to ensure effective evidence gathering and reporting. The purpose might be to contribute to a local Healthwatch programme of work, or have a more direct purpose as a result of an issue that has been identified.

Where concerns arise as a result of an Enter and View visit, Healthwatch Derbyshire will follow the Escalation Procedures, which may include reporting concerns to other appropriate organisations, for example, the Care Quality Commission (CQC), the local Overview & Scrutiny Committee and/or Healthwatch England.

It is important to note that Enter and View visits are not inspections. They are a lay person’s perspective of health and social care services, aiming to give a voice to service users, patients and members of the public, so they can speak up about how they experience services.

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