16 November 2018

Joined Up Care Derbyshire: Jean’s Story

A patient case study based on community support beds in Tibshelf.

14 November 2018

Public confident in today’s NHS but pessimistic about the future, finds Healthwatch England

Results published as part of Healthwatch England’s ongoing #nhs100 conversation about what people want from NHS and social care services in the future. 

31 October 2018

GP surgery acts on patient feedback to implement new prescription drop-off system

A patient from Long Eaton got in touch with Healthwatch to suggest an improvement to the prescription drop-off process at their GP surgery.

1 October 2018

Healthwatch Derbyshire calls for clarity on a further round of engagement regarding cuts to voluntary sector

Healthwatch Derbyshire welcomes the decision to defer cuts to discretionary grants for voluntary sector organisations until next year, following a Governing Body meeting that took place on 28th September 2018. 

26 September 2018

Would you rather be treated by a fallible human or a compassionless robot? Healthwatch explores people’s views on the NHS at 80 and beyond.

Look beyond the well-documented challenges of the here and now, and help us set some clear goals for the NHS and social care sector to aim for.

14 September 2018

Healthwatch Derbyshire awaits decision on cuts to the voluntary sector

Healthwatch Derbyshire awaits the final decision regarding cuts to the voluntary sector.

13 September 2018

Council leader urges health chief to think again

The leader of Derbyshire County Council has called on a Derbyshire health chief to reconsider NHS plans to cut funding to local voluntary sector organisations.

13 September 2018

Healthwatch Derbyshire Shortlisted For National Award

Healthwatch Derbyshire is one of 28 shortlisted for the annual awards which attracted a record 170 entries this year.

31 August 2018

Maternity and Mental Health

Local communities across England have told Healthwatch's that they want to see mental health prioritised. Healthwatch England's new programme of work is a direct response to that.

30 August 2018

Public Urged To Feed into Parliamentary Questions on Derbyshire Service Cuts

Healthwatch Derbyshire is urging local people to contribute to a parliamentary session about the proposed cuts to health services across Derbyshire.

24 August 2018

Improvements made to the Breast Clinic Unit at Queen’s Hospital in Burton

Healthwatch Derbyshire Engagement Officers visited the Breast Clinic Unit at Queens Hospital Burton to find out what patients thought of the service.

23 August 2018

Council Improves Care Homes thanks to Volunteers Visits

Derbyshire County Council commissioned Healthwatch Derbyshire to visit all of the Care Homes that the council managed and to report back on what it found. 

23 August 2018

Health providers pledge to improve services available to Derbyshire’s LGBT+ community

Action has been taken in response to Healthwatch Derbyshire's LGBT+ report findings.

20 August 2018

Health Scrutiny Concerns re: Financial Recovery Plan

Derbyshire County Council's Health Scrutiny Committee have expressed serious reservations about the impact of the Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group's Financial Recovery Plan proposals.

17 August 2018

Pressure Continues For Public Views On Service Cuts

Healthwatch Derbyshire fears that calls for meaningful public engagement ahead of cuts have gone unheeded.

16 August 2018

Dementia Feedback Flyer

This flyer highlights a number of the main themes from the report and what happened as a result of people sharing their views with us.

15 August 2018

Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group letter of response to Healthwatch concerns re: Financial Recovery Plan

Response letter from Derbyshire CCG and Healthwatch statement on continuing concerns.

25 July 2018

Intimate Health Needs Graphic

A short guide to your rights as an NHS patient in England with intimate Health needs.

24 July 2018

Making it easier to share your feedback – a new Single Complaints Statement for social care

Healthwatch England has worked with the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman to help make it easier for the public and professionals to understand how to make and respond to social care complaints.

6 July 2018

Healthwatch Derbyshire Calls for Meaningful Public Engagement in Local £80m Health Financial Recovery Plans

The head of Derbyshire’s independent health and social care watchdog has warned that meaningful public and patient input into the future of local health services is in danger of being side-lined following recent developments in the county.

28 June 2018

Healthwatch Derbyshire AGM 2018

A focus on older people’s mental health - Thursday 18th October 2018.

24 May 2018

Report Highlights Inconsistencies in Dementia Care and Support

Patient feedback highlighted inconsistencies in the availability and quality of care and support in the county for people living with dementia and their carers.

24 May 2018

Urgent Dental Services in Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire – Patient Questionnaire

Share your views on potential new service models for the delivery of urgent dental care in Derbyshire.

14 May 2018

National Epilepsy Week

Information on National Epilepsy week.

1 May 2018

How Healthwatch can support the general public with information, support and advice.

Finding the right help and support for a health, social care or wellbeing issue can sometimes be challenging. Here's how we can help ...

22 March 2018

Share your views on Talking Therapy (IAPT) Services

Mental Health Together are trying to find out about the barriers that stop people accessing IAPT services.  Potentially anyone with low-level mental health issues can access IAPT.

21 February 2018

Healthwatch Derbyshire statement on the decision to remove access to gluten-free food on prescription

Our take on the decision to withdraw gluten-free prescriptions available to Derbyshire residents.

16 February 2018

Changes to gluten-free products on prescription

Decision to remove gluten-free food on prescription by Derbyshire CCGs.

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