13 November 2015

The Five Year Forward View

Three areas where fundamental change is necessary to sustain the NHS

11 November 2015

Children and Young People – Your Shout! (and a chance to win a £50 High Street voucher)

At Healthwatch Derbyshire (HWD), our job is to hear what children, young people and adults have to say about health and social care services, for example hospitals, dentists, doctors, day care etc.

3 November 2015

Healthwatch Derbyshire E-bulletin Issue 17

A monthly round up of the latest Healthwatch Derbyshire news.

30 October 2015

Healthwatch Derbyshire Mental Health & 2014/15 AGM Event Minutes

Minutes from our 2014/15 Annual General Meeting & Mental Health Event

29 October 2015

Young Carers Partenrship Event

A young carers summit jointly facilitated with Derbyshire Community Health Services. The event focuses on partnerships between agencies and action being taken to improve support for young carers.

20 October 2015

Derbyshire Healthwatch warns of variations in treatment

Derbyshire Healthwatch say variations in care are worrying after the revelations that most of Britain’s hospitals are failing to meet good standards.

15 October 2015

CQC Inspection of EMAS

A Care Quality Commission inspection of East Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust begins on 16 November.

6 October 2015

Service Redesign

Your health and social care services are changing significantly over the next 5 years. Change is needed but exactly where and how is up for discussion.

22 September 2015

Public Question Time-style event on Mental Health in Derbyshire

A mental health themed event being held by Healthwatch Derbyshire gives members of the public the opportunity to question the bosses of Derbyshire mental health services.

22 September 2015

‘Weekend effect’ blamed for additional 11,000 deaths in hospitals each year

A study into hospital mortality rates found there were more deaths in hospitals during the weekend.

2 September 2015

20,000 give views on mental health service change priorities

Patients, carers, the public and health professionals have their say on Mental Health services in national survey.

12 August 2015

Volunteer Strategy

The purpose of the strategy is to provide overall guidance and direction to staff and volunteers engaged in volunteer involvement and to outline how Heathwatch Derbyshire will recruit, support, develop and retain our volunteers.

30 July 2015

NHS services must tell people how to contact their local Healthwatch

A new rule means healthcare services now have to provide information about Healthwatch.

2 July 2015

Healthwatch volunteer wins ‘Dad of the Year’ award

George Harvey, who volunteers for Healthwatch as an Authorised Enter and View Representative, has won the Derby Telegraph 'Dad of the Year' award.

11 June 2015

Review of arrangements for patient discharge from hospitals

Health Scrutiny Committee set up working group to review hospital discharge process following Healthwatch Derbyshire report.

19 May 2015

HW Derbyshire Workstream Area: Learning Disabilities – Access to Services

Healthwatch Derbyshire is carrying out a piece of work aimed at engaging with people with a learning disability to explore their experiences of accessing health services such as GPs, dentists or hospitals.

8 May 2015

Whitworth Hospital Open Day (20 June 2015)

Whitworth Hospital in Darley Dale is opening its doors to the public to show off the newly improved facilities that the local community hospital now provides after its £2.4 million modernisation.

8 May 2015

Mental Health 5 Year Forward View

NHS England has announced a new Mental Health Taskforce which will develop a five year national strategy for mental health, covering all ages. It is crucial that the strategy is informed by a wide range of lived experience and professional expertise, and we'd like your help.

5 May 2015

HW Derbyshire Workstream Area: Physical Disabilities – Access to Services

Healthwatch Derbyshire, a patient watchdog for health and social care services, is carrying out a piece of work aimed at engaging with people with a physical disability around their experiences of accessing health services such as GPs, dentists or hospitals.

15 April 2015

Children & Young People in Derbyshire have their say about health & social care services

This report has been written to highlight what Children and Young People in particular have had to say to Healthwatch Derbyshire about Health and Social Care services over the past 8 months.

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