V1 Volunteer Strategy 2018 20032018 HW

The purpose of the strategy is to provide overall guidance and direction to staff and volunteers engaged in volunteer involvement and to outline how Heathwatch Derbyshire will recruit, support, develop and retain our volunteers.

Enter and View Strategy

This strategy sets out how Healthwatch Derbyshire will establish, deliver and develop an active Enter and View function for the duration of the contract term.

V3 Strategic Plan 2018-2020 15052018 KR

The strategic plan highlights our aims and objectives to ensure that we are a strong, independent and effective champion for users and consumers of health and social care.

Engagement Strategy

Specifically, this strategy addresses in detail the following aim from the Strategic Plan: ‘Aim 2 – Enable people to share their views and concerns about their local health and social care services.’

Media Strategy

Business Continuity Plan 17092018 KR

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