Aitune Medical Practice

Midland Street
Long Eaton
NG10 1RY


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4 months ago

Have had 2 instances where I have put a request in for a repeat prescription, each time I have written that letter from pain consultant needs checking due to increased dose.each time they have failed to do so which results in sometimes hour long waits on the phone to be sorted

1 year ago

Missed a telephone call, (went to the loo) waited 3 hours for ring back which was initiated by me, immediately apologised for missing call and got told that was 3 hours ago, when said I waited to see if you would ring back got told to answer the call the first time not apologise, we’re busy and can’t Waste time keep ringing you. His tone was nasty to the point that I pointed it out to him

3 years ago

Can never get an appointment, always have to wait at least 4 weeks. GPs always seem to forget about what they say they will do for you.

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