Amber Valley Neighbourhood Team

Ripley Library, 1st Floor Suite
17-23 Grosvenor Road

0300 123 2673

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2 years ago

Still awaiting a follow up appointment 11 wks later, my GP has been more use than this lot. They only got 1 star because you can’t leave a zero!!! If we had a choice would definitely use someone else.

2 years ago

Absolute terrible service!! My partner has been going through this system for near enough 3 years just to be passed from person to another. By this I mean she gets diagnosed by one doctor/psychiatrist, gets dosed up on all sorts of medication only to have her next appointment with said doctors/psychiatrist cancelled. Then when she finally gets back around to getting another appointment (1year later) her new psychiatrist doesn’t agree with the previous diagnosis and then it all starts over again.

So you know, we’ve both told them this and how it’s actually making her mental health significantly worse, and they just pass the blame like a naughty school child.

Yes I know times are hard and the services are stretched but the lack of empathy from the people who work here is damn right disgusting.

For those 3 years she’s been begging for therapy, only just to be told she needs a CPN. 3YEARS IT TOOK FOR THEM TO TELL US THIS!!!

So we get the CPN, starting to think positively that she was finally going to get the help she needs, well a week before her appointment, guess what? It’s cancelled…

So my partner is in tears telling them about how it’s sending her down and making her much much worse only to be told “it’s frustrating for us too” yeah I’m sure it is my duck.

We’ve actually had much more positive experience with some of the local mental health charities, they can’t offer much in terms of healthcare but they actually listen to her, which can’t be said for 70% of the staff at Amber Valley Mental Health.

Absolutely useless.

Go private if you can people I wish we could afford it.

2 years ago

Have left messages with secretary on two separate occasions, one a week ago and still no response/ reply. Also they missed one of my medication off my assessment altogether. Not good.

3 years ago

Absolutely disgusting. Was told by Doctor to ring this number if in crisis. Both phone numbers are fax numbers. Found another number to ring, someone eventually answered the phoney only to be told they can’t help you. Didn’t even ask for my name. Was told to ring 111. You should all be sacked. And they say that you people are trying to help with mental health. Pack of liars.

3 years ago

Poor listening skills, lack of knowledge and no empathy.

4 years ago

The community mental health team are sited here. (Named doctor) is diligent in his work and listens to the concerns of the service user and their carer/family. It is easy to contact the consultant via the secretary and there is a very good coffee morning for service users on a Wednesday morning. There are CPNs who visit the suite and there is a receptionist to help you find who you need. There is a wide range of help leaflets.

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