Ashgate Manor

Ashgate Road
S40 4AA

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4 years ago

On every visit to this surgery I have found that the doctors and other staff are very friendly but appointments have usually always run late, sometimes leaving you feeling rushed and not cared for.


Ashgate Manor responded:

Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, we welcome patient feedback. I am pleased to hear you have found the team to be friendly and I hope supportive. On occasions, clinicians run late for a number of reasons. The main reasons are generally related to complex issues that can take more than 10mins to deal with for a patient; this not always apparent when a patient books an appointment. In the event a clinician is running late the reception team should provide you with the delay time period and provide the option for you to re-book an appointment if you wish. I will pass your feedback onto the clinical team so that they are mindful of the way they behave with patients when under pressure or strain of running late. Please be assured that every patient is important to us.

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