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3 years ago

This rating is only on one matter, namely:

I was told by the surgery that there was a 6 to 8 week holdup in scanning documents onto the system. So, to ensure that a repeat prescription sent by a hospital to this surgery, the carer (who is also elderly and having tests at a cardiac unit), has to take the current medication in. Fortunately, I made an early attempt to get the repeat prescription and can ensure that the medication is available on time.

However, I wonder whether a 6 to 8 week delay in getting documents onto computer systems is acceptable. IN the past, if we got no feedback after a hospital investigation, we just assumed that all was well. It looks like we cannot assume this any more. I recently went round in circles trying to get feedback on my hospital tests. I was told by this surgery to contact the hospital and the hospital told me to contact the surgery. Fortunately, after ringing several people, I got the information I needed from the consultants secretary, who said that I should have got it from the GP. I have now asked them to copy all reports to me as well, especially now that staff in the surgery have said that there it a 6 to 8 week hold up in scanning documents. Is this just in this surgery or are similar delays in other surgeries as well? Will GPs take timely action on important communication?

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