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1 year ago

I would like to thank all the staff for their COVID19 precautions, not only for patients but for staff. As a patient who had to visit the surgery I felt safe in this current environment.
The triage system on entry was excellent and reassuring. The 2 medical students were kind and helpful to all those who came through the door.
Thank you for keeping us all safe.

2 years ago

My husband, who is 74, does the sensible thing every winter and has a flu jab. He’s also had a one-off pneumonia jab in the past.
In February he started suffering with cold-type symptoms, but tried to shake it off with fluids, over the counter remedies and keeping warm. Mindful of the public information warnings about not going to the surgery with this type of illness, he persevered for several weeks of coughing and blocked sinuses.
Eventually he rang to get an appointment to see a GP, but was not offered an appointment and the doctor rang back to say, without examining him, that he might be allergic to the decongestants he had been taking and to stop taking them. My husband tried that, but things just got worse.
He gave it a few more days then rang again for an appointment. Once again, no appointment but the doctor rang back and, without examining him, prescribed a course of antibiotics.
No change. Then a couple of weeks later he developed a temperature, sickness and diarrhoea, and started coughing up blood. Unfortunately it’s the bank holiday weekend, so I rang the surgery to find out what to do. They referred us to 111, who sent an ambulance, my husband was admitted to the EMU at Chesterfield hospital and diagnosed with pneumonia.
We are great supporters of the NHS and very keen not to waste precious resources. All the expense of an ambulance and hospital stay might have been avoided if he could have been examined by a doctor weeks ago. I feel that the policy of Bakewell Medical Centre is dangerously wrong, and I’m reporting this in the hope that they might have to react differently in the future when an elderly patient tries to get an appointment with a legitimate reason.


Bakewell Medical Centre responded:

This issue has been dealt with in detail with this patient. However, in summary, we do not agree with the assertion that our policy in dealing with patients initially via a triage system; the observations of three GP’s, no indication by our patient of any serious symptoms and indeed the consultant who saw him having not had any concerns do indicate in our view that if the patient had come in on any of these occasions that there would not have been any evidence of pneumonia even in the very early stages. We understand that this issue is raised in good faith, not wishing to use NHS resources unnecessarily and thank our patients wife for this; unfortunately with the ever increasing demand for patients to be seen by ourselves (and indeed many other surgeries) we have to use systems which help our GP’s to continually assess the need for a face to face appointment in the safest and most efficient way. The fact that only around 25% of patients phoning in for an appointment actually need to be seen face to face does provide evidence that this is the only way with the resources which we have that we can operate safely. Thank you for raising this issue and giving us the opportunity to respond. We trust our patient continues to make a full recovery

5 years ago

Nurse was rude and disrespectful towards me. Her unprofessional manner was not appreciated in a doctor’s surgery so I am now looking to move to another surgery.

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