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4 years ago

I was on holiday and became unwell – I was booked an appointment at Buxton local Hospital, saw a very nice lady doctor in the morning of the 24th March.
Seen very quickly, very attentive doctor who listened well, I had a thorough examination, I was given very good advice and treatment.

I can not fault this service, thank you for being there when unfamiliar with the area.

A couple of weekends ago I had to take my 3 year old son to the hospital as he had cut his head open. I was pleased to have a hospital so close to home. On arriving, the first thing that struck me was how stifling hot it was inside on what was a mild sunny day. All the radiators were on full. Surely if money is tight in the NHS one of the first things to regulate is the heating?

I was quickly seen by the staff on duty with the senior person saying that I needed to take my son to Sheffield hospital so they could stitch the wound. He’d rung them to confirm. I duly made the hour’s journey and then waited almost 3 hours to be seen. During this time my son wasn’t allowed any drink or food. When we were finally called in it took the doctor less than 30 seconds to say that unfortunately we’d be poorly advised, as it’s very rare that a head wound in a child is ever stitched. I was glad of the outcome but very disappointed that not only my time had been wasted but the NHS had wasted tax payers money. At Sheffield hospital I’d sat with several other people with their children, all of whom were seen and ‘discharged’ within minutes of being seen, despite having waited as long as I did. Many of them knew they didn’t need to be there, but had been told to go along either by a GP or the NHS telephone service. No wonder A & E is struggling.

So, from my brief experience of the NHS on that day, I identified several areas where it could operate more efficiently to the benefit of everyone concerned.


Buxton Hospital responded:

Thank you for taking the time to give us feedback about your visit to Buxton Minor Injuries Unit and subsequent visit to an A&E unit in Sheffield. We are sorry that your experiences were not satisfactory and this is not the experience we would want for our patients and visitors. Thank you for giving our Minor Injuries Unit Manager the opportunity to discuss your experiences more fully and look at your individual attendance. Please be assured all your concerns have been shared with the team and each of your comments have been addressed. We are committed to delivering high-quality care for local people in Derbyshire and work hard to improve our services based on the comments we receive. Please be assured we have taken your feedback seriously and have also taken steps to prevent anyone else having a similar experience in the future.

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