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3 years ago

Trying to get an appointment to see a doctor is becoming a joke .
Have tried to get an appointment on my day off to see a doctor.
Started ringing before 8 got through at 8.15 to be told all appointments had gone for that day.
Was told I could go on a list and a doctor would call me how is the doctor going to diagnose the problem over the phone.
To be told the doctor could make me an appointment so why could I not make an appointment ?
Try and make an appointment for your day off before hand to be told you cant and that you need to ring up on the day and when you do and get through you cant get an appointment .

3 years ago

contradictory diagnosis .only interested in patients agreeing to statins and blood pressure tablets what enhances doctors earnings

3 years ago

I have been with this doctors for 44 years, it has got so bad that I am now changing to another. The staff are incompetent and rude and the parking is a joke. As for appointments they are non-existent.

5 years ago

Combining the local G.P. services was the worst mistake ever. It’s extremely difficult to get an appointment now and even when you can, it’s never with your local surgery and always involves travelling to whichever other surgery in Chesterfield that can fit you in, usually the one in the town centre. This is a nightmare if you don’t drive.

The reception staff aren’t very helpful and some are borderline rude. Most often you’ll be offered a doctor call back (a way of trying to get out of seeing you at all by getting a phone call from one of the doctors). I have waited 4 hours for a call back for my daughter before only for it to be the receptionist, not a doctor, and for her to tell me I need to go to a surgery somewhere in Chesterfield that I don’t even know!

6 years ago

It is extremely difficult to get an appointment or get a call through to the practice. Just spent a total of 35 minutes trying to get through to be cut off the first time and answered by a very apologetic and helpful member of staff after a further 15 minutes on hold. The staff are always very helpful and apologetic once you do get through, but the demand on surgery is outstripping the staff that are available.


Chesterfield Medical Partnership (Avondale Surgery) responded:

Thank you for this comment. We are aware that the demand on services is extremely high, particularly first thing in the morning. The prescription line shouldn't be used to book appointments, it is only available for prescription queries. We also encourage patients to use our online services whenever possible. I can only apologise for delays in answering the phones, however resources in the NHS are limited and to ensure we have staff available throughout the day it is essential that resources are spread across our opening hours.

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