Chesterfield Orthodontics

South Place
Beetwell Street
S40 1SZ


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4 years ago

I took my 11 year old autistic son for an assessment on his teeth for a brace. Previously I had rung and told them that he would be anxious about the appointment. When we arrived I mentioned his condition to the receptionist and also wrote it on the form they gave me to fill in. When my son, husband and I were called into the room I told the orthodentist that my son probably wouldn’t look at him but would be listening to every word and that he needed to be told everything that was going to happen to help him to stay calm.
The guy(named) and both dental assistants were great with him and the appointment went smoothly. Previously my son had become really anxious because his dentist rarely speaks and just does things without telling him what is happening, so just by advocating for my son he coped really well.

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