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4 months ago

Visit today fully COVID compliant, all staff and dentist with full PPE.
No change, however, in the interaction with patients, staff are always professional and friendly. They remember personal things about you and are genuinely interested in the patients and their family.


Christopher Holden & Associates Dental Surgeons responded:

"The Emergency Department aims to treat each patient as an individual dependant on their needs. If a patient has a specific need this should be discussed with their named nurse to ensure we can make the stay as comfortable as possible. Unfortunately we are not always able to prioritise patients to see a doctor unless their medical need indicates this, particularly during periods of high demand. This feedback will be shared with all staff to make them aware of how patients can perceive their behaviour as a lack of empathy and the personal use of mobile phones in the clinical area is against Trust Policy. As a department we strive to take feedback on board and improve the services we offer to the community."

4 months ago

What an amazing Dental Practice!
Throughout the last 35yrs I have attended this practice and traveled many miles back to Chesterfield for my dental care. The reason ……. the expertise of the staff and their amazing ability to put you at ease especially if you are a nervous patient, such as myself.
Their Professionalism, Hygiene levels and friendliness were always second to none.
However, after attending with a dental problem during the Pandemic I can now say that they are exemplary in every aspect of their profession.
From the COVID pre- appointment checks, safe & hygienic arrival greeting, right through to the completion of my treatment, I felt safe and well protected and even though it must have been very uncomfortable for the staff in all their PPE they were very professional and friendly throughout.
I cannot recommend them highly enough.
Well done to Christopher, Anita and All the Team

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