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2 years ago

I am very disappointed with this practice. I am new to the area and have only cancelled an appointment this once. I am currently pregnant and went down very ill this afternoon and was rushed to hospital. I phoned the dental practice to cancel my appointment to let them know and I got a phone call from a dentist. She told me I was no longer welcome at the practice and that my reason for needing to cancel this appointment was not acceptable. And that I cannot cancel an appointment even though I had a good enough reason. She had a lot of attitude and was very rude to me before ending the phone call on me and not letting me speak. Whenever I rang the practice, a same receptionist that would mostly always answer would also have a lot of attitude with me when I was just calling to ask a brief question and she wouldn’t listen to me or let me speak either. She would cut the call off when I haven’t finished talking either. Disgusting service and definitely wouldn’t recommend to anyone with the treatment I have received. I now have to travell far away because they’re aren’t any dental practices near me except for this one and I do not drive. Do not go to this practice. I am very upset with how I have been treated.


Clowne Dental Surgery responded:

I'm really sorry to hear that patient's disappointment and unhappiness. We, in Clowne Dental practice, thrive in our patients' happiness. We have got a policy in place in regards to new patients. It means, if a new patient cancel appointment on the same day ( very short notice) twice, we don't see that patient anymore. The reason for the policy is: Too many cancellations in the last minute or same day which makes it impossible to give the appointment to somebody else. We got this experience last year. This is not beneficial both for the practice and NHS as a whole. Regarding the behaviour of our receptionist, I just refer you to our " Friends and Family Test" survey every month which almost all our patients are happy with the service and their positive comments about the very friendly staff. once again, I truly sorry for that patient.

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