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8 months ago

I am not a carer but I am aware that in South Derbyshire there doesn’t appear to be enough ongoing support of carers. e.g. There are monthly carer sessions taking place at Wellbrook Surgery, Hilton but they are given a room that can hold 12 people so the Association doesn’t want to share the information out too much as there isn’t the room for extra numbers.
Carers are quite often the elderly so they don’t always have transport to go from another village.
We have to look after the carers and show that the system is aware of them and their needs …… if we don’t we will have yet more people who become patients (joining the patients whom they were looking after).
Some people don’t even recognise that they are carers ………. they need meetings to talk, to see that they’re not on their own, that the NHS/DCC/DCCG (from 1st April) do recognise that theyneed skilss, reassurance etc.


Derbyshire Carers Association responded:

Thank you for your feedback, we value all comments and where possible make considerations for future services. DCA has a rolling programme of activities, breaks and training which we plan for each season. To ensure our limited funds reach as many Carers as possible across the whole of the County of Derbyshire we phase these activities to make sure each activity will be available locally at some point. In the South of Derbyshire we have the following events and training available or coming soon: First Aid Training, Woodwork session, Canal boat and cream tea Trip and Information Day. We do use local venues as many Carers do not have transport or have limited time. We also host Carers Clinics within GP Practices in South Derbyshire where a Carer can book an hour appointment with one of our skilled and knowledgeable Carer Support Workers for information, advice or a Carers Assessment. We work together with GP Practices to identify Carers who would benefit from this service. We actively promote our Carers Groups on our website, social media and Carers Newsletter. Our Carer Support Workers will discuss Groups with Carers during Assessment if the Carers feel they are isolated or would benefit from peer support. We also produce flyers which we share in each area promoting the local groups and activities. If numbers increase and the room is no longer sufficient we will source a new venue which is accessible and local. I hope you find this useful.

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