DHU Health Care CIC (formerly Derbyshire Health United)

The Johnson Building
Locomotive Way
Pride Park
DE24 8PU

0300 1000 404


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4 months ago

Seen very quickly when I needed help.

2 years ago

What kind of service are you people operating ? After 4 nights on the trot trying to get a dentist appointment with the emergency dentist because my NHS dentist has a 4 week waiting list. I called 111 and they advise to get to a dentist ASAP!!

Every time I call at 18:00 your operator says we can’t put you in the Queue and hangs up.

Tonight I managed to get through and was number 2 in the Queue. The music stops someone picks up the phone and hangs up.

What is going on there. Is there such thing as customer service in the NHS? Do you answer to anyone or do you just make it up as you go along?

Now I’m sat at home in pain with lesions all over my tongue. Looks like I will be waiting for the 4 weeks then..

Also please send your operator on a training course because when you answer the phone it helps to speak through it.

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