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1 month ago

I have always had hospital transport to attend orthotics, orthopaedics clinics as I am severally disabled through polio as a child. I phoned up this week to book transport to Kingsmill Hospital [I always have the volunteer ambulance drivers] to be told I no longer qualify for hospital transport because I can get into a car and don’t require an ambulance. A taxi would cost me £80 round trip which I cannot afford plus they just drop you outside with no help getting to the clinic.

9 months ago

A private ambulance with a 2 man crew have been waiting in the road for another crew to come and help transfer my relative into their bedroom as he is ill with cancer and has just come home from Derby hospital after an emergency stay. My relative feels ill and is unsettled by this uncertainty. Not really acceptable care from the private ambulance crew working under the East Midlands NHS ambulance service or the people who allocated them to my relative.


East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS non-emergency patient transport) responded:

Thank you for taking the time to share your concerns and for bringing this matter to our attention. We are sorry to hear that you have had a negative experience in regards to the ambulance service and we are keen to hear about stories, such as those experienced by yourself. So that we may learn from them in the future. If you are able, we would appreciate you sharing your experience with our Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) team, with as much detail as you can (e.g. date, time and location), so that they can establish the actual reasons for the delay and let you know the results of their investigation. You may contact them via telephone on 0333 012 4216 or email PALS.Office@emas.nhs.uk

11 months ago

My bedbound uncle had an early afternoon appointment with cancer services at Derby today. My aunt had requested an ambulance to take him there and back and informed them that he was bedbound and that a 2 person ambulance crew had previously used an ambulatory chair to take him down the stairs and into the ambulance a few weeks ago for another appointment. At midday a 2 person crew arrived. My aunt was dismayed to see that the couple didn’t appear to be very physically equipped for the job in hand and the female refused flat to transfer my uncle to the ambulance. When my aunt told them how the previous crew had managed to transfer my uncle, she was very abrupt and said that the crew shouldn’t have done that. My aunt is also very deaf and I believe that the crew were abrupt with her which made her upset and she was in tears when we arrived a little later. She had had to get my uncle out of his coat on her own and get him settled down in his hospital bed again. My aunt had requested that the carer that came in the morning had made sure that she had arrived early as the ambulance people had requested that he be ready for 2 hours before the time of the requested arrival of the team. When I went to see my uncle in bed he was worn out and said that the upset of the ambulance team arriving and leaving without him had made him feel ill. This is unacceptable. The ambulance service had been informed that my uncle was in a hospital bed upstairs and they should have sent out a suitable team to transfer him. My aunt had to call the cancer services at Derby to tell them that the ambulance crew had refused to transfer him for his appointment and that they were unable to attend this crucial appointment.

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