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5 years ago

I forgot to hand in my repeat prescription. Therefore I ran out of tablets. I take Thyroxin daily as I have an underactive thyroid. I rang the surgery early morning to enable me to pick up my prescription as I need Thyroxin daily. I was first told by the receptionist that it would be 5 o’clock before I could pick it up. When I complained about this I was told to ring back. I rang back later and I was told thAt the prescription had been sent electronically to the Pharmacy next to the surgery and to ring the Pharmacy. I rang the pharmacy and they said no prescription had been sent. The information I had been given by the receptionist was clearly incorrect. I rang the surgery back and was then told the prescription needed to be signed by a doctor and no doctor was available as it was 12 o’clock and they were all at lunch until 2pm. When I finally arrived at the pharmacy later in the afternoon I was told the prescription had been sent to Boots in the centre of Buxton. I have been with the surgery over two years and I have never collected a prescription from Boots.

6 years ago

Always caring and understanding. Never had a bad experience with any doctor I have seen.

6 years ago

Very efficient service, empathetic and understanding.

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