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2 months ago

I tested positive for Covid on the 18th December 2021, and for the first few weeks I was very ill. One of the symptoms was chest pains. I rang Gladstone House surgery asking to see a nurse or doctor. The reception tried to make it virtually impossible for me to book an appointment and tried to shrug me off by saying ‘I just had to live with it!’. I eventually I got an appointment and when the doctor checked me over he said I had a chest infection and other problems and said it was good that I came in and got sorted with medication otherwise it would have worsened. Three months later I have still not recovered and I have breathing difficulties, Chest pains, bad nausea, depression and I have not worked since becoming ill. I had left it this long because I knew what difficulty I would face with my GP’s Reception. However, the past few days I seemed to feel worse so I rang my GP’s and told them my issues. The Reception sounded uninterested and said you can speak to a doctor over the phone in around 2 weeks time. I said to her that I have suffered long enough and that I don’t want to wait another 2 weeks with no help. The rely was a ‘that’s all I can offer. The service at Gladstone house is terrible even though I understand they are busy, neglecting someone who has long term issues is not on. I have heard of many people leaving Gladstone, but I believe the surgery don’t care about the service they are meant to provide.

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