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3 years ago

Was sent to CDU with atrial fibrillation by my GP. I gave my paperwork to the reception desk and some time later a care assistant asked what I was doing there. Apparently, I hadn’t been registered so nothing happened for quite a while. I waited hours to see a doctor, who went off to see someone else to discuss my case. A couple of hours later I was seen by a different doctor who then got a consultant to come to. I went through my medical history and when I mentioned that I had been diagnosed with fybromyalgia by a consultant rheumatologist, I was told , oh, that’s the latest fad. I was appalled, not only did it make me feel a fraud, it also implies that the rheumatologist is incompetent, which he is indeed not. I was asked why I was not on betablockers, and I explained that I had been but it made my raynauds syndrome worse and so the cardiologist put me on different drugs, but the consultant now was insisting that I should be on beta blockers and prescribed a different one. She then said I could go home and would write the letter. Four hours it took to get that letter and the new medication, the nurses were chasing up the doctor time after time and when it eventually did come, they gave me the medication from their ward suppy as it would have taken much longer to go through the pharmacy. Incidentally, the betablockers dropped my heart rate so much that I passed out, hit my head and cut it and bruised it. MAybe the consultant needs to listen to the patient. There are references in my notes to how low my heart rate generally is and that the beta blockers I was on previously lowered the rate too far.

6 years ago

MY husband had to go there although we actually live in Derbyshire. It was a little difficult to organise things as it was too far for me to visit him daily . I stayed over in our camper in their car park whilst he was in. All the staff were marvellous, very kind, helpful and courteous and excellent at their jobs. This includes the nurses, Doctors, cleaners and in the dining room. Everyone was so helpful . It made our stay there even enjoyable I could say, rather then the stressful event I thought it would be. Congratulations to them on a first rate service. My husband says he feels marvellous. His operation went according to plan and he says that the nurses who took him down to the operating lab were really helpful and kind to hi. They never left his side. Thank you.

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