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2 years ago

The annual review service at your surgery needs to be looked at ! I rarely attend my GP’s except for my Annual Review which personally is a very long drawn out process that i have started to dread. It started in January and is still going on and I still don’t know if my medications have been re authorised because now I have to see the Pharmacist !
I attended my Annual review in January against my better judgement because I know what I need to do to improve my health, loose weight and get fitter etc but if I didn’t attend my prescriptions do not get reauthorised. I attend get weighed etc and have bloods taken with the nurse.
In March I do not receive my medications I phone the chemist to ask why and they say they do not have any for me. I had assumed that they had been sent to the pharmacists as they had in previous years because I had not heard from the GP’s to say otherwise. I ring the GP ” oh yes the pharmacist would like you have more bloods (I haven’t even spoken with the pharmacist) , why do I need more bloods ?!” They don’t know but I need to do this before my prescriptions can be reauthorised (would have been nice to know, more worry). I go for more bloods, I then get a call from a receptionist a week later telling me the Doctor needs to discuss my results with me she can’t tell me anything as she “isn’t medical” (I am). The first appointment available is 3 days later but I have patients myself and unable to cancel at such short notice. So I ask if I could have a telephone consultation unfortunately not for another week. I have no choice as I don’t want to let my patients down so I wait getting anxious and concerned as to what may be wrong.
I receive a call on the 3rd April asking to arrange a telephone consultation with the pharmacist on Tuesday 9th April to discuss my medications, again I agree but will need to arrange my diary again! I ask if this is another appointment on top of my telephone consultation in the morning from the GP on the 4th April to discuss my blood results. The receptionists says yes but the GP is currently of sick so not sure if this will happen but they will let me know if she will not be calling me. I explained I was extremely anxious about this and just wanted the results. They reassured me they would let me know.
4th April sat waiting for my call between 8-8.30 no call comes I wait because as someone who does clinics I appreciate calls run over but still no call, I ring the surgery at 9am to be told that the GP is off sick and they do not know if someone will be calling me back or a time ! As I am sure you can appreciate I was very frustrated, I had took time of work, (I work full time and more like many NHS workers). The reception said she would get a message to the Doctor, no call by 11am so I phone again, have another frustrated rant which I don’t normally do because I appreciate the issues faced everyday by NHS workers. 5 minutes later I get a call back by the receptionist to be told by her it is only my white cell count that is slightly raised !! But I still need to wait to see the pharmacist to know if my prescriptions are being reauthorised another weeks wait ! My worries and concerns could have been alleviated 2 weeks ago if the person who rang me initially to tell me I needed to speak with a GP could have told me the results and what the next plan is, ie I need to have another blood test to double check my white cell count. Why does it take a vast number of different professionals to inform me. What a waste of everyone’s time and my time and the wasted time on the NHS. I have been with this practice for many years and have never had such a farce. An Annual review used to be an Annual review one appointment , not a number over 4 months . I will be due for my Annual Review again before I have even had this years prescription batch agreed !

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