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9 months ago

The GPs are wonderful; getting to see one is the most tricky part.
The health centre introduced a new phone system and also a new approach by the reception staff.
I requested an appointment for a medication review with my usual doctor who was not available on the automated system. I spoke to the receptionist and manged to secure an appointment with about 10 days wait which was fine as not urgent and I would see my brill GP; on arrival I had been allocated a male GP and didn’t realise until I entered the room. I wanted to discuss something personal but didn’t. So I went through the usual motions and was asked to return in 3 weeks. I asked to make an appointment with my usual GP but was told I’d have to phone in.
I’ve not bothered. I need to have a referral and some tests but this is simply a such a long process of explanation to the receptionist and then obviously no idea who I get to see that I will leave it. This used to be a really accessible service.


Hannage Brook Medical Centre responded:

We are sorry that you feel the service we offer is not as it used to be. Unfortunately, your preferred GP is currently absent due to sickness and we do not currently know when she will be back. In the meantime, we have other GPs who have full access to your records and who could deal with your medical needs and the referral so would encourage you to contact us. We are sorry that you were not informed that the clinician you were seeing had been changed as usually, we would prevent self check-in and inform the patient at the reception desk and also ring patients in advance to pre-warn them, especially when changing from a female to a male GP. We do not know the date of the appointment or the patient's name to be able to check what happened on this occasion.

11 months ago

Have been supporting my Mum. The service has been excellent. Getting a double appointment has been mostly about a week

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