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1 year ago

I couldn’t agree more with the first comment. Reception staff go out of their way to prevent you making an appointment and are very rude about it. Appointments can only be made on the day for emergencies or 8 weeks ahead. Appointments are always booked up by 8.15. There is no call waiting system so you can’t get through by phone. Staff will not make appointments for future dates (as a policy). It’s therefore impossible to make an appointment. I have tried twice now (both times over two days) to make an appointment for my baby boy and been told no appointment could be made and to call 999. I am trying to complain to the NHS as it seems bizarre that a GP insists they will only book appointments 8 weeks ahead and deal with emergency situations. Interestingly the receptionists are never available at reception and the waiting room is always quiet (when I have been in trying to make an appointment as you cannot reach the surgery by phone).

4 years ago

Appalling service from the reception staff again. Trying to register as a patient or book an appointment is beyond a joke. I have a health issue that I have been told on two occasions MUST be seen too as urinating blood can be a symptom of something more serious.
On a previous complaint I was told ‘well 78% of our patients are satisfied with the service’
This time when pointing out an unhelpful attitude the response was ‘well I am sorry you don’t like my attitude’ yet still no change in it.
I wouldn’t be wanting to see a GP unless I really had too.


Hasland Medical Centre responded:

We are disappointed that a patient has had difficulty registering and booking an appointment. We endeavour to make the registering process straight forward but there is some necessary paperwork that we are required to check and this can make it difficult to book emergency appointments for non-registered patients. We would always encourage direct feedback to our team and practice manager. If any of our patients are not satisfied with their care and would suggest this also for the patient in question in order for us to be able to investigate the specific incident and feedback to the patient directly. This also applies to issues with the individual doctors and our advice would be the same as we obviously want to ensure every patient is being listened to.

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