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7 months ago

I was referred onto the diabetes prevention programme after a blood test at my GP practice, at Wheatbridge, showed I was pre-diabetic.

The programme I was on is run by ICS Health and Wellbeing, who are running many such courses in the area. It gave us a lot of information and advice on diet, exercise and the various risk factors for developing diabetes and I have found it to be excellent. I have lost weight, reduced fat around my waistline and reduced my blood sugar to low-risk levels. I believe nearly all the participants who stayed the course have also seen reduced blood sugar levels.

I presume this programme was introduced to save money in the NHS by reducing the number of people with diabetes. I would normally not be keen on outsourcing treatment to the private sector but in this case I am very impressed by the quality of the programme and the results it appears to be having. This may have been largely a result of the skill and enthusiasm of Ruth Calvert, the main trainer we had.

I hope this programme continues to help many more people.

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