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5 years ago

The (named) COPD nurse checked up on how mother was coping with her new inhaler and was positive and encouraging with her. Mum felt as though she was doing well and (named COPD nurse) had given her tips to control her condition.

5 years ago

Our family use this team of GPs and staff. Today Mum had a review of her condition by (named staff member), one of the practice nurses. Mum came out from her appointment empowered to take control of her condition and with an action plan of how to manage with it. All the reception staff and backroom staff work hard and are professional when they deal with the public. The surgery is always clean and tidy as well. The large screen with the yellow background and large writing is a really useful addition to the surgery as a device to call the patient into the appointment.

5 years ago

As a carer for my elderly Mum, I need to regularly seek advice and support from this surgery. From the receptionists to the doctors, they are consistent in their support, advice and actions and at times have been a lifeline for not only my Mother but also for me as her carer.
It is frustrating for us all when we need to speak or see a doctor and then be told that there are no appointments available. However, on each and every occasion, when I have explained the circumstances, I have received 100% service, professionalism and ongoing support.

5 years ago

I couldn’t get an urgent appointment even after visiting A&E first. They need more GP’s, I couldn’t get past the receptionist.

6 years ago

Mum was unwell and saw a locum doctor before Christmas. He sent her for a blood test and arranged for her to see the practice nurse about possible COPD.

The nurses she saw over the next two visits were really helpful, showed her how to use an inhaler and spacer and gave her smoking cessation advice and sent her for an x ray, which indicated she had early stages of COPD.

The blood test indicated that Mums urea and electrolytes were in need of adjustment and a phone appointment from a GP to change medication is in the process of relieving that problem which will be tested by another blood test next week. Mum was so impressed with the treatment she has received from the locum,the GP and the nurses and I wanted to pass this on.

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