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4 years ago

My experience is very bad of both the receptionist and the doctors. Huge issue is that doctors are not listening to the patients, I was going to them for nearly 2 years with the same health issues and was always sent away with some silly reasons. Of the 4 doctors which I saw, none of them even thought to do any additional tests.

When I finally saw a Hospital specialist I had Cancer Stage 3 with spreads to other organs of my body.

The receptionists are also very unhelpful. Most of the times they lose repeat prescriptions. They also missing my child vaccination, I have to go and push them that my baby should get his vaccinations, then my appointment is booked. For 4 vaccinations, 3 of them were missing.

Please avoid this GP surgery if you don’t want your health to get worse than it already is.


Kelvingrove Medical Centre responded:

Thank you for providing feedback, regarding your experience of the Surgery. We are sorry you are unhappy with the service you have received. If you would like to contact the Practice, we would be very happy to look into the issues you have raised.

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