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3 years ago

I had cause to attend A & E as I had speared myself in the chest with a crowbar. Although I did wait for several hours and the waiting room was very cold I cannot fault the care that I was given. After an X-ray the doctor dealing with me was absolutely lovely and took time to explain what injuries I had sustained and what to do to ensure the best recovery. for example I learnt about the way the lungs work and how to avoid getting a chest infection which i found very helpful. Thank you King’s Mill.

3 years ago

Suspected skin miloma biopsy performed – i was clearly informed that lab results would be returned within 2-3 weeks. I am now into week 9 with no outcome. Any contact with the hospital is futile as excuses for their failures simply fall out of the doctor’s secretary’s mouth on every occasion. I have called chasing them for an outcome on 10+ occasions and all to no avail. Today I have been told the results are back after 9 weeks but there is not a doctor on duty to read them and provide me with the details. Absolutely unacceptable and an atrocious service from a hospital already identified as failing in many areas of provision. I trust that this feedback will be conveniently ignored. Let’s just hope for the sake of this hospital my diagnosis is not terminal!


King’s Mill Hospital responded:

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention, and we are sorry that your experience at King’s Mill Hospital hasn’t lived up to your expectations. We understand that our Patient Experience Team has been in direct contact with you and has been able to assist in resolving the problem and is investigating why this happened. If you need to talk to the Patient Experience Team again, you can contact them directly on 01623 672222 /

3 years ago

Can never get through to a clinic receptionist on the phone all the answer phones come with one message. Trying to see what date my appointment is in Orthopedics.

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