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3 years ago

I have the second stoma bag and have to use brava elastic tape to hold bag because I have 6 hernias to be able to hold them on and then I have to use brava adhesive remover to protect the skin I am very sore anyway. they sting barrier film. I have never seen the named person but he told me that the NHS does not allow me now these items and also instead of 60 only 10 stoma bags that is all the NHS allows every MONTH he repeated several times and he canceled my normal Order.  I rang Charter if and when I need these items about every 6 to 10 weeks. it depends what I need but never too many.  I always know that I do not like to waste anything. I was absolutely shocked by what they said.

My appointment was at 2.10 but named doctor made me wait till four.


Limes Medical Centre responded:

As a practice we have to follow the guidelines set by the CCG Medicines Management Team and agreed County wide by all Trusts and Hospitals in the County". There is a set amount of items allowed on prescription, which we have to stick to. Patient was told she could appeal to the CCG as an individual case for special additional funding, and that the practice would help her do this but declined.

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