Melbourne Medical Centre

Penn Lane
DE73 8EF

01332 862124

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2 years ago

Very difficult to obtain an appointment. Not able to see a doctor for 3 to 4 weeks.
Reception staff talk you into seeing a nurse and not a doctor.
Constant long waits on the telephone to contact the surgery, all telephone calls answered by the Chellaston medical centre. Chellaston population has increased 20 fold in recent years and Chellaston medical centre cannot cope with the vast number of medical patient requests. Melbourne should now have its own dedicated GP practice and not be managed by the over stretched Chellaston practice.
When you visit the Melbourne surgery, there ate normally no patients waiting and only one doctor and the receptionist seem to be under used.
Practice Nurses not referring you to doctors in sufficient time, serious conditions are then being undiagnosed for too long.

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