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8 months ago

I wish to make a comment on the excellent level of end of life care delivered during “end of life care” to my Mum, whilst she was a resident at Morton Grange.

Mum spent her last 7 ½ years of her life living in Morton Grange, where we regarded as her home during this period.
Throughout this time Mum has always been cared for with kindness, dignity and respect.
Due to Mum having Alzheimer’s disease, she was unable to make decisions.
Her care plans stated our wishes for her end of life care and were written accordingly. This included our wishes for Mum to remain at Morton Grange where she was settled as she felt safe and relaxed with the staff and the care she received.
Because the staff knew Mum, they were able to recognise the subtle changes in her condition and act accordingly.
I was kept informed and included in all the decisions, as Mum’s condition changed, throughout the last days of her life.
The prescribed Medication was given when appropriate, to ensure that she was free of pain, and ensure she was settled.
Mum was checked every ½ hour, or more frequently when anyone passed her room, by a member of staff and given any necessary care, again with love, dignity and respect that they have always given her.
I was able to spend as much time with my Mum as I wished, during the day time and the night time.
The staff were very supportive to myself, my husband, my brother and his wife, especially during this tough time.
Throughout the time that Mum has lived at Morton Grange, I have always been very pleased with the level of care and support given to Mum and myself by all the members of staff.

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