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2 years ago

I suffer from Pelvic Pain / IBS, I have seen a Urologist regarding the Pelvic and groin pain at Derby Hospital (*named urologist) and had some minor surgery to try and relieve that pain to no avail, I have another appointment with (*named urologist) on Feb 19th , I feel he can not do any more and the pain is now defused throughout my abdomen, back and groin.

Why do GPs put you in boxes , why can’t they treat something like this more holistically, I have heard of pelvic therapist however my GP didn’t have a clue , also why can I not see a mental therapist if this is all in my head, GPs have limited training with CPPS pain , often they just say go away and suffer when this pain has a big impact on my quality of life.

I pay about£160 per month on national insurance, yet people who eat, drink and smoke too much get priority over genuine pain.

Can the NHS work with me as a whole to help my condition.


Newhall Surgery responded:

As always the surgery values all quality feedback and is happy to work directly with the patients and carers involved to resolve any issues. As this feedback is specific to a particular patient with a specific condition please get in touch and the surgery will work with you directly.

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