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3 years ago

Stroke patient was unable to be transferred to a nursing home on Thursday 17th January 2019 due to a lift breakdown, she finally managed to go to Harvey 1 at 1.30am on Friday 18th January 2019.

The staff were very caring especially the nurse who found out that her favourite singer was Rod Stewart. The nurse put her phone onto (named patient’s) table playing Rod Stewart which got (named patient) to sing. The nurse won’t know how much that meant to her though unfortunately, I have forgotten her name.

I am (named patient’s) sister-in-law and took over caring when my brother died up until this last devasting stroke.


Nottingham City Hospital responded:

Thank you for your kind words. We have shared this with the ward manager on Harvey 1 so they can hopefully pass it on to the nurse whose actions meant so much to your sister-in-law. We appreciate you getting in touch. Best wishes, the Patient Experience Team.

5 years ago

In September 2014 my wife was ill with vaginal bleeding, after a doctors visit to see (named doctor), she was referred to the Nottingham City Hospital. After various visits which included, Transvaginal ultrasound, blood tests, MRI scan, CT urogram scan, flexible cystoscopy and Xray
On the 29 January 2015 returned to have a Laparoscopic Hysterectomy operation with a following visit two weeks later for results on the 13 February 2015 which proved positive. The service was beyond any expectations, the staff were excellent, understanding and caring. The operation was set for the 29th January and my wife was home on the 30th January having had keyhole surgery, walking and talking and feeling overly excited at being released so soon and the problem removed. On the 13th February we re-attended to see (named doctor), this proved positive where we were told the operation had been completely successful and no further visits were required. The fact remains, early indications resulted into a smooth transition from being ill to a full recovery, all the staff knew exactly what to do, information was fully available and you were treated with the utmost care and support. A unbelievable experience quickly rectified from start to finish in 6 months, Appointment were well organised and very informative. I was instructed to give my wife injections for 4 weeks to stop the blood from clotting when we left the hospital and was shown how to do this prior to leaving. From hearing the word Cancer and believing your world was coming to a end to being told you are clear and need no further treatment was a complete life changing experience resolved by the expertise of the staff. Two issues, the day of the op we were told that it might not go ahead if no beds could be found , the parking was very difficult to find. So we never complain about the NHS or the staff or treatment, sheer excellence throughout.


Nottingham City Hospital responded:

Thank you for such great feedback, I have shared this with staff. I’m pleased to hear everything went so smoothly for your wife at what must have been a frightening time. Best wishes to you both,

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