NSL Derby (Patient Transport)

Osmaston Industrial Park
Pontefract Street
DE24 8JD

01743 465565

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4 years ago

I’ve recently found an improvement in the service, but I don’t know if that’s because I haven’t had any volunteers. When I was having chemotherapy, they usually got me there, but frequently didn’t pick me up to get me home. I find the ambulance staff are much more reliable.

4 years ago

They turn up late all the time! Not just minutes but hours!! They place the blame at everyone else’s doorstep but their own! They need to think about the impact their negligence is having on terminally ill people and their families.

5 years ago

The number to book patient transport at NSL (0843 357 1553) doesn’t get answered.

The phone gets answered then put on hold with intermittent recorded voice telling to wait for adviser. I’ve waited for up to 30 minutes,which on a mobile is expensive.

The result of them not answering phone has just resulted in having to cancel an appointment at Freeman hospital in Newcastle. This was for lung transplant assessment, so really important.

We have to travel by ambulance with oxygen, but can’t use East Midlands Ambulance Service because it isn’t an emergency.

NSL need to answer their phones 24/7.

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