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2 years ago

My child had major traumatic surgery at the Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH). We had been home two days and were concerned that the wound from her hips to the back of her neck was contaminated, due to incontinence. The wound was weeping and my child, who was severely disabled, was crying so we rang the surgery at around eight to request a community nurse or a GP to visit and told that a nurse was on her way.

Still, we waited and after numerous calls from concerned professional persons, it was decided that my daughter going to be made a priority to be seen.
We then waited more hours with child uncomfortable and her temperature peaking. Finally, after many hours of waiting for a call came through saying “Sorry there is no community nurse coming as she cannot see to a 10 yr old child.”

I asked “what now?” the person replied “ring GOSH” as there was nothing a GP or Community Nurse could do due to the nature of her injuries (Our 10 yr old had undergone major spinal surgery titanium rods). Seriously! I know they are spinal surgeons but to just do nothing not even check on her I thought was sheer madness this was a child I was a concerned parent. So we rang and they were really helpful. GOSH rang the fantastic team at Royal Derby who said they would have a spinal team waiting for her arrival

There is a hell of a lot more to this, they could not even get her transport to Derby as she needed to be flat the surgery response was ring 999. The response from 999 response was it’s not an emergency she breathing and to ring Back the GP to order transport.
I find this all disgusting I don’t know who is to blame but surely if I was a nurse or a GP my priority would be this 10-year-old child who needed to be seen, surely, out of a duty of care.


Parkside Surgery responded:

We have spoken to the patient about her concerns and we have put measures in place for a nominated contact for future contact with the surgery. We hope that this will alleviate some of their concerns.

4 years ago

I had an appointment booked for 3 months in advance. 3 days before this appointment on a Friday afternoon, I received a text message saying appointment cancelled, call and re book. I had arranged for time off work weeks ago. I had to get a family member call on my behalf to re book as I was at work. Only appointment was mid morning the following week. The appointment is time sensitive, staff did not seem very bothered and now I had had to give work hardly any notice to attend this one and only appointment. Very disappointing.


Parkside Surgery responded:

Thank you for your feedback, we are sorry that we had to cancel your appointment at short notice. We do not do this unless we really need to for reasons such as staff sickness. Please be assured that the reception staff do try and accommodate patients when booking appointments but this is not always possible dependant on the nature of the appointment and the staff available.

5 years ago

16 year old with symptoms of deep sadness and anxiety was given advice to talk to a friend and then passed a paper with online advice… awful.

Then today I go with facial numbness,the doctor sits and googles ìt and then says she doesn’t know what is wrong with me. Recommends coming back in a few days time after I had already explained that I’d had the problem for a couple of weeks and it was getting worse by the day.


Parkside Surgery responded:

‘Thank you for comments about the service which you received at the practice. We have discussed your comments at a practice meeting. The GP suggested to seek pastoral support at school and also a self-referral to Safespeak. GP’s will often use various methods of consultation including use of on line tools to help them when speaking with patients. After review we felt the GP had taken the appropriate course of action in both consultations.’

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