Pleasley Surgery

Chesterfield Road
NG19 7PE


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3 months ago

Appreciate the difficult situation we find ourselves in a the moment but service from this practice is terrible. Called at 8:30am stressed required urgent call from a GP as caring for 78 year old father and needed to know how long to continue with medication prescribed by Pleasley Surgery earlier in the week. Receptionist put me on hold and said just continue, I explained they were laxatives and I was sure we shouldn’t be continuing for long periods. Told I would get a call.
Called at 12:30 to be told dad added to afternoon telephone appointment list, note from receptionist to GP at 8:30 said I was looking for advice, this is not what I said I fully explained the situation we were in and the terrible 3rd night dad has had.
Receptionist in my opinion didn’t care said well we have done what we can, decision on calls comes from GP, I stated again that the message passed to GP was clearly not what I had said, they just weren’t bothered and didn’t seem caring at all.

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