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5 years ago

My daughter has had sleep problems for about 6 years now in that she cannot get to sleep until about 5am or 6am and then wants to sleep until early afternoon. She is permanently tired with a lack of concentration and this made getting to school on time difficult with her lack of concentration adversely affecting her results.

We have tried numerous sleep remedy suggestions (exercise, no caffeine drinks, warm drink at night, temperature in bedroom, keeping bedroom dark, no TV, mobile phones or computers, etc, bedtime routine with, e.g. a bath before bed to relax) from doctors and CAHMS over the years, but nothing has worked despite sticking with some of these for months.

In November 2015, a doctor at Grange Family Health Centre prescribed some tablets (7) which did provide a couple of night’s sleep and enabled my daughter to wake up refreshed at 9am. When my daughter went to Rectory Road to get some more tablets, she was initially told she could not have any and all the usual previously tried remedies were suggested and then, when she complained, she was given some different tablets which did not work.

I accompanied my daughter to another appointment at Rectory Road Medical Centre on 15 December 2015 where, it transpired, that the previous tablets that worked were not on her record. No other tablets were offered, instead the usual previously tried remedies were rolled out with the implication that if they had not worked, it was because we had not adhered to them long enough.

My daughter does not want to take tablets, but does want to sort out her sleep problem. It feels like she has, over the past six years, repeatedly been told by differing people to undertake the same activities that haven’t worked in the past.

Nobody appears to want to discover how and what my daughter’s sleep pattern is doing and why she has the sleep pattern that she has. I mentioned that my daughter could possibly have Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome, but that was chucked out of the window with a head shake – no discussion as to whether it could be or not, no mention of perhaps we should refer my daughter to a sleep medicine clinic to determine what her problem is. I said that there seemed no point in continuing the discussion, said thank you and we left.

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