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3 weeks ago

The new Phlebotomy clinic at Ripley is a let down.
It’s so badly organised. The entrance and exit to the clinic is right next to the ticket machine and water dispenser. Who decided on this arrangement, which interferes with all and sundry, coming and going, is anyone’s guess. It’s not been well thought out at all.
You can only view the screen from certain angles, and if you can’t see the screen too well, you can miss your place. There is no other way of alerting patients that their turn is due/is coming up.
The queues are horrendous and lengthy, compared to before, when it was around the corner, you barely had to wait. Now your wait is generally over an hour.
The waiting room is badly laid out, as it shares resources with reception and 1 other clinic.
There aren’t enough Phlebotomists to cope with the numbers now coming to this clinic for blood tests.
The opening hours are poor too. Why not have alternate days where the clinic is open until late?
All in all, it’s now a complete shambles.

7 months ago

I went for a blood test this morning at Ripley Hospital and joined the queue of people outside until we were let in. At 7.30am the nurse came to the door shouting that she was going to have to lock the door as she was on her own, she then stomped back in. This left everyone wondering what was happening and if we were supposed to stay or go. The numbers then started, so the first person went in, but it left the ones lower down on the list wondering whether at any time she was going to stop and lock the door! Someone asked the first person who came out if the nurse was continuing and she said she didn’t know and had been told she was lucky to get hers done! I understand that sometimes there are staff shortages, but it would be nice to have this explained in a civil manner and not left wondering whether we would be getting a blood test or not. If there is a problem with the system, staffing or just because a nurse is having a bad day, this shouldn’t be taken out on the patients.


Ripley Hospital responded:

Thank you for sharing your comments with Healthwatch. I have liaised with the manager for the phlebotomy service at Ripley Hospital who has advised that when phlebotomy staff work at Ripley Hospital they are admitted to the premises by security staff, who then lock the doors. The phlebotomist was probably on her own until her colleague arrived to support her; hence the door was locked for security purposes. The manager would like to apologise for the attitude of the phlebotomist and has advised that this member of staff was a member of the bank staff and has now subsequently left the bank.

2 years ago

My 87 year old mother was admitted to Ripley hospital from Derby Royal as no more could be done for her and it was only a matter of time. on being admitted to Ripley hospital the welcoming committee in the name of (named practitioner nurse) asked my mother if she knew why she was in Ripley hospital my mother replied yes, she then informed my mother that she had a stomach problem that could not be treated and that she had been sent to Ripley hospital to die. My sister who was in the room at the time was left speechless could not believe what she had just heard. So sorry Ripley hospital, it is a fantastic, clean and the nurses there are angels, but the compassion, dignity and comfort given by (named Practitioner Nurse) has well and truly let the team down at Ripley Hospital.


Ripley Hospital responded:

I am very sorry to hear about your mother’s experience during her time with us. I understand that your mother had a conversation with (named staff member), who is a trainee Advanced Nurse Practitioner, and who asked your mother some questions. Showing compassion and preserving dignity at all times are extremely important for us in Derbyshire Community Health Services. I’d like to express my apologies for any upset caused. We would welcome the opportunity to talk this through further with you. The Patient Experience Team are looking forward to hearing from you either by email on or phone 01773 525119. Yours sincerely Sarah Youd Matron

4 years ago

My 93 year old mum was admitted to Ripley Hospital for rehab. The care she received was second to none. Thank you.

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