Smith Dental Practice – Bakewell

Wye House
Water Street
DE45 1EW


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4 years ago

I contacted this dental practice to ask for an appointment for my kids after school had finished. They said the only available appointment they had was 3.30. I told them that we would struggle to get there for then and would possibly be 5/10 minutes late. I booked the appointment months in advance and this was not going to be a problem apparently.

The day of the appointment came and we were only 5 minutes late when we got there, however the lift they have there made us even later as I struggled to get the pram, my eldest son and myself in. We finally managed to squeeze in and got up but it took them ages to unlock the door to let us in! We were told that we were too late and the receptionist would have to check if we could be seen. I told them it didn’t matter about me but the kids needed to be seen and they still said they would had to check. We got there at 3.40 just on time for my sons appointment and my other sons was at 3.50, therefore they weren’t late for their appointments.

The receptionist came out and said in a not very nice manner she will see you. After being spoken to like utter rubbish and other patients staring at us as well as the staff, my son kicking off because guess what it’s ok for them to run extremely late. I decided to leave. May I also add one major reason why we were running late was my 11week old daughter needed feeding just before we needed to set off. If this wasn’t the case then we would of got there bang on time.

The whole attitude problem from the receptionist upset my 7 year old too and I’ve had to reassure him his teeth will be ok. I’ve been at this dentist for 6years and couldn’t fault it until now. A smile and manners don’t cost anything.

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